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Our Story

Wreno was founded in 2021 by Charlotte Schell and Mark Barton, two former Zillow employees with extensive experience in business and real estate.

The idea behind the company first came when the two were approached by a client who had just purchased 3,800 homes in a major US city, all of which needed home evaluation, basic repair and maintenance work. The problem? The company only had enough employees to handle the work for just three homes.

It occurred to both Mark and Charlotte that there were likely thousands of people across the country who would be interested and capable of taking on these simple projects. People who were already familiar with the gig economy and enjoyed the flexibility of working their own hours. Why not connect these individuals with companies that need extra help completing home evaluation and maintenance tasks?

And so Wreno was born. Today, assisted with machine learning and our end-to-end software solutions, we provide faster and more accurate home evaluations and data collection at scale while optimizing fragmented local trade businesses to provide adjacent repair, maintenance, and renovation services - and we’re growing all the time!

Let's grow together.

We’re currently looking for individuals to take on home evaluations and other basic repair and maintenance tasks. We offer great pay, training for in-demand skills and flexible work hours. We’re also actively recruiting Trade Partners who are looking to grow their business. Join us today and let’s grow together.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Currently, the US home repair and maintenance (R&M) workforce is declining at an unprecedented rate, despite the fact that by 2030 the top ten companies alone are expected to spend $3.2 billion dollars a year on routine maintenance and simple renovations.

Wreno is tapping into this underserved market via an integrated online platform. We connect real estate companies with underemployed individuals (Wrenners) and local businesses (Trade Partners). Wrenners receive on-the-job training, making them a unique and versatile workforce, while Wreno Trade Partners gain reliable and profitable new business. Meanwhile, our full suite of technologies allow real estate companies to more efficiently recruit, onboard, train, and deploy their own internal home evaluation professionals and vendors at scale.

Our mission is to leverage technology to help companies continue to build and service homes, while at the same time making the trades a desirable career path for the next generation.

Our Process

Whether you’re an individual looking for flexible work with great pay or you’re a business owner looking to expand your service offerings, at Wreno, we can help.

For Wrenners

We provide skill-development courses, in-person workshops, and on-the-job training, with no experience necessary. Becoming a Wrenner and earning a steady and reliable income with us is easy. Just follow these four simple steps.

Become a Wrenner

Step 1:

Sign up

Complete our quick onboarding form, letting us know about your services and insurance status (we can also schedule a quick phone call to answer any questions you may have).

Step 2:

Train with us as you go

Access online training, workshops, and ride-alongs to learn and complete basic home evaluation, repair, and maintenance tasks.

Step 3:

Choose your availability

Choose your own schedule and update your availability. Choose the work-life balance that works best for you.

Step 4:

Pick the job, get paid

You have total flexibility in when and where to work, claiming shifts as they are posted. You earn $20-$40 per hour, with no hidden fees or extra costs.

For Trade Partners

We bring local businesses guaranteed home repair, maintenance, and renovation jobs - all completely for FREE. Our customers own and operate over 300,000 homes across America. Getting started and finding new jobs for your business is easy.

Become a Partner

Step 1:

Sign up

Complete our quick onboarding form, letting us know about your services and insurance status (we can also schedule a quick phone call to answer any questions you may have).

Step 2:

Fill your week with jobs

We connect you with reputable real estate and property companies in your area looking for your services.

Step 3:

Review your work orders

Most of our clients provide work orders that come with set pricing and a detailed scope of work. If not, you provide the estimate!

Step 4:

Earn with certainty

Upon completion your pay comes directly from us right into your bank account with no extra costs or hidden fees.

Helping build businesses and careers.

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