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At Wreno, our customers are some of the largest institutional real estate companies in America, making up a diverse business portfolio that includes iBuyers, REITs, real estate investment firms, home services and Prop Tech.

Each and every day these customers rely on Wreno to provide the technology and labor needed to evaluate and maintain their properties. In fact, we’re currently on track to service over 30,000 homes across the country. Below are a few of our many customers.

Wrenner provide labor and maintenance support

Why Work with Wreno?

If you’re a real estate company looking for an end-to-end home evaluation and maintenance service solution, we can help. We provide

Dynamic labor pool

Vertical Integration

A dynamic labor pool that won’t conflict or overlap with your existing general contractors, subcontractors or home evaluation vendors.

Cutting-edge technology


Cutting-edge technology that easily integrates with your existing processes and platforms. Assisted with ML, we provide faster and more accurate home evaluations and data collections.

Take care of all management and oversight

Versatile Workforce

Complete vertical integration. We own and manage the scope of work from end-to-end and are the single point of contact for our workers. You provide the requirements, we take care of all management and oversight.

Speed and capacity to handle any project

Support your local trades people and economies

Speed and capacity, with the ability to handle virtually any project, anywhere in the US.

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Who We Are

Wreno was founded in 2021 by Charlotte Schell and Mark Barton, two former Zillow employees with extensive experience in business and real estate.

Our goal is to connect companies looking for home evaluation and maintenance support with qualified individuals and businesses looking for work. To support this vision, we’ve built out a suite of robust technologies that make it easy for brands, businesses and people to accomplish meaningful work together.

Today, our Wrenners and Trade Partners proudly serve many institutional real estate clients across America.

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